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Summary of Suzy Brothers Ministry Life Changing Classes

I have had collage classes, business classes, research training and even In Christ Likeness training, but none of my former training can compare to the training that I have received in the last forty-eight days with Suzy Brothers Ministry. The classes were indeed life changing hence the name “Life Changing Classes.” The classes have enhanced my bible reading and understanding. My prayers have been transformed as well in that I now have the tools and prayers to walk in my authority with strength and zero fear to do so.

We went to the courts of heaven three times within forty-eight days and each spiritual trip was a new experience and encounter. I now feel lighter and no longer heavy. I am elated that my first born and son that is named after his dad are free. I am now equipped to repent for and pray to cast out strong holds and strong men in my life. I’ve learned the true meaning of communion and actually plan to have communion more often at home. It was truly amazing to learn the sheer volume of strong holds and the fruits and seeds of each strong hold and strong man. The bible states in Hosea 4:6 that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge …” Well knowledge definitely wasn’t lacking in these classes/teachings. I don’t think one person in these classes could say that they have walked away and learned nothing. It’s impossible! Now, we all have to apply what we’ve learned.

I’m grateful and appreciative to Minister Suzy Brothers for her devotion (even through a hurricane) to teach us daily. Her firm, but loving teaching style is perfect for the volume of information. She is truly a God-send. Sharnice is very helpful and has a pleasant demeanor. Ms. Ida has an amazing voice and a calming spirit. Ms Suzanne is wonderful as well. I miss hearing her praying for us to have a peaceful night’s rest. I thank them all and pray that God continues to keep and bless them abundantly. IH

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