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Blessings from the Courts of Heaven

I went to the courts of Heaven on Monday 6/8/20. Apostle Suzy Brothers and her lovely daughter walked me through the process. My purpose for going was to break generational blood line curses with the spirit of poverty. God is so merciful and He loves us more than we could EVER imagine! This experience has certainly sealed that in me!!! After repenting for the many accusations the enemy spilled out, my case was dismissed and OUR slate was made clean from every consequence we had been under bondage to, going all the way back to the 4th through 10th generation! I witnessed the first manifestation of it Wednesday 6/10/20. Now as I sat there reflecting on the experience, the Holy Spirit reminded me that I was originally was suppose to go that previous Saturday 6/6/20, but had some warfare the night before and so it was rescheduled for the 8th. God talks a lot to me through numbers. He told me to check the calendar and that is when I realized it was the 8th, the number for New Beginnings! I had just thanked Him for new beginnings. My brother called my sister and made some financial wrong doings right with her, my son’s wife received a call and their home interest rate was dropped to 2.7% with a mere phone call over the phone (unexpected). My sister was blessed with 25 pairs of shoes, a ton of clothing with tags still on them, along with a $300.00 designer purse! These are just a few of the many floods of blessings that have opened up to my family! How Great Thou Art! Hosea 4:6 is so true! Apostle Suzy, thank you for teaching us about The Courts of Heaven.

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