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Sunday June 6,2021 I dedicated my three children to God. Today, June 8,2021 my two year old son Mac lead us in the Lord’s prayer. As he prayed we repeated after him and he knew every word without help. My six year old son Austin was playing with our neighbor and accidentally broke their porch lamp. He said his friend told him not to tell me so he would not get in trouble, but Austin told me anyway. He said he told me because he knows he cannot be the salt of the earth if he is not being truthful. And my 8 year old daughter told me that one of the kids at the park was using profanity and she told her that if she wanted to be the salt of the earth she had to ask God for forgiveness and watch her mouth. Ka’Marie said the little girl asked forgiveness right away. I thank God for the fact that one simple act of faith (dedicating my children to God) has brought a divine turn around in there lives. I declare and I decree that it is permanent and their lives will never be the same. In the name Of Jesus. And I thank God that my children are applying the word that the Holy Spirit leads me to teach them.

Keyanah Montgomery-Mckee

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