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I am giving a true testimony about the power of forgiveness. I had been waiting on a check from the IRS for about 6 months. I called and called them. Everyday, I looked in the mailbox; no check was there. I didn’t know I was blocking my own blessings by not forgiving myself and others from the past.

One Saturday, my friend and I met with our Christian minister, Ms. Suzy. During that meeting, out of nowhere, Ms. Suzy said, “Waymon, you have some money coming.” My friend and I looked at each other. We knew about the money, but Ms. Suzy did not know about it. She said, “But you will not get it, because you have not forgiven yourself and others.”

So, when I got home, that’s what I did. I prayed and let go of the past. Ms. Suzy texted me later that day to ask if I released unforgiveness and offenses. I said, yes. By this time, I had stopped looking for the check in the mail.

On Monday, two days later, when I got home I looked in the mailbox and shouted. My check came! Along with the check, IRS sent a letter saying another one is on the way. It was the only thing in the mailbox.


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