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Ministering Angel Encounter

As I give this testimony, I must let you know that the spirit of Death was on assigned to me as a child ( will give testimony as the Holy Spirit leads me) and even as an adult. Also the spirit of Death was generational curse because my mother, uncle ( blood brother) and great grandfather ( grandmother’s father) all died a untimely and tragic death.

At this time, I was an unbeliever and had tainted thoughts/ideas about Jesus Christ due to my childhood upbringing. I was about nineteen (19) years old and I was at a “hole in the wall” ( an old raggedy uninhabitable building or house that the owner turn into a party place were you can purchase alcohol or bring your own alcohol [BYOB] with a jukebox that you had to put money in to play music) and at that time I was with a person whose family owned the “hole in the wall” and I was sitting in a corner drinking alcohol and had to go to the bathroom, so I asked him could he watched my drink and handed to him to watch until I came back. After returning from the bathroom I thought that the cup behind the bar was mine so I grabbed it and took a drink. Suddenly, I noticed that it tasted very bitter and then I began to not to feel good so I had decided to walk to my mother’s house which she only stayed about two (2) or three (3) minutes walking distance from the ” hole in the wall”. I walked to my mother’s house and opened the door and I look to left and saw a friend of the family who was a retired Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) then I saw myself falling to the floor and heard him saying something but don’t remember what was said and suddenly everything went totally black and I don’t know what happened after that. Then I saw a very bright light that looks like stadium lights at a football field is the best way that I can describe it and I heard a woman’s voice saying, ” You have to go back because it’s not your time” and then the very bright light and the woman’s voice was gone and then I only saw darkness. Then I felt someone hitting my chest and I heard my mother’s voice saying, “You are not going to die on me!” and I could hear her giving orders and then my eyes opened up. I looked around and only saw my mother. No doctor’s or nurse’s around. Got discharged and my mother took me to her home. The next day she came told me that the doctor’s had did some blood work and it had came back as “unidentified” more less they don’t know it was. Apparently, my mother went to go do some investigation and/or asked questions about the incident because day or two (2) later she came back and told me that someone had put something in my drink and that’s all. I will say this, this isn’t the only time that I faced the spirit of Death.
In February 2020, Father God Divinely Connected me to Apostle Suzy Brothers and shortly there joined the ministry. It was in May 2020 during class that she began to talk about the Courts of Heaven and what the purpose for the Courts of Heaven (being a Christian for numerous years and under different spiritual leadership I’ve never heard anyone talk about this!) and asked if anyone would like to go please sign up and write things down that I wanted to go before my Almighty Judge Father God. So I signed up and wrote my list and the Holy Spirit had me to write tragic death as the first thing on my list. It was on a Saturday morning that I, Apostle Suzy Brothers and Prophetess Sharnice Brothers went to the Courts of Heaven, she asked me what was the first thing on my list, I told her and while we were there they presented my case before Father God and while we were there, Father God told Apostle Suzy that my ancestor had killed someone, they didn’t repent and that I needed to repent on their behalf. I knew the story about what my ancestor previously did because my mother told me what happened about a couple of years before she was murder but it really didn’t dawn on me until I was in the Courts of Heaven and I explained what I knew. So she led me through a prayer of repentance and other things. After presenting my case before Father God I received a verdict of not guilty, truly felt freed spiritual and natural and was then released into my destiny. Thank you Father God!. After leaving the Courts of Heaven, I went to some good friends home and got into their pool and swam ( had a bad situation happened to me as a child while in the water by adult).

In conclusion, I pray that this testimony gives my brother’s and sister’s in Jesus Christ hope and to encourage them to go to the Courts of Heaven to break generational curses. For those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior I encourage you to receive Jesus Christ into your life. ( See John 3:16 and Romans 10: 9-10) in Jesus name

Tonia Smith

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