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In the 30 day classes last night we prayed for the cancellation of curses related to debt and for favor with whomever we owed the debt to as we went about paying it. Today I woke up determined to pay whatever debt I owed. One account in particular was about five years old. I was able to settle the account for one third of what I owed. I Thank God for his provision to pay off that bill along with two others. I also thank God for guiding me through the conversations with the people and for His word that I able to apply to every situation I may face. I have found freedom in the past 23 days from things that I did not even realize I was bound by. I am truly grateful for my church and our leader because we are being taught to go deeper in Lord and to seek him in all we do, say, and think.

Keyanah Montgomery-Mckee

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