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I am so grateful my heart is so humble towards God, everything that is going on in the world He came and saw about me. First, in class on 10/12 getting rid of the side of effects from our bloodline. If you have not been attending the classes I challenge on and join us in the goodness of God. I was at work sitting at my desk and I was impressed by the Holy Spirit to send someone a song that God had given me after the class. Then I noticed I had a cash app. I just began to cry, I was able fill my freezer and put gas in my car I was on 3 dots from empty it was on that since last Sunday, it never went down until today. God also saved my family and I from a tornado
this is why I am so grateful that God set me free and I was able to give an offering most of all. THANK YOU GOD
and the person that blessed me may the God of Speed bless you immediately in Jesus Name GRATEFUL!

Ida Phillips

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